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Adventure Cargo is the music archive of simply_emotion. Here I post only my most favorite music (usually complete discographies if I can) and playlists of many different languages and genres. I update when I feel like it, so you need not fear the usual spam of new music upon their release date. Honestly, I'm quite lazy, so you'll probably only see me once or twice every few weeks.

o1. All music is for sample purposes only. Please delete all downloads within 48 hours.

o2. Support the artists. Buy their stuff if you like it. I order from CDJapan all the time and they're very reliable.

o3. COMMENT WHEN YOU TAKE. Yeah, I see all you people downloading without commenting. Here's the deal... You may think it's a bother to stop for three seconds and post a "Thank You." It's just soooo hard and time consuming. I understand. Well guess what? I spend DAYS, sometimes even WEEKS working on discography posts. My playlists take anywhere from WEEKS to MONTHS to finish. And when I post something that's taken me that long to create, the LEAST you can do is take three SECONDS out of your life to appreciate it.

o4. DO NOT RE-POST OR RE-UPLOAD MY RIPS. I can not stress this enough. My rips are NOT to leave this community. I spend my hard earned money buying these albums and I don't want them spread around. Respect my wishes or I'll stop posting them period.

o5. Do not re-post or re-upload my playlists/mixtapes. If you want to share them, link back to the original post. It's as simple as that.

o6. Do not hotlink my images. I'm already pushing my photobucket limit. I don't need anyone else adding to the bandwidth.

o7. Please Read This Before Joining.

o8. Enjoy.


Email simplyemotion@live.com

MSN - simplyemotion@live.com

AIM - simply emotion

Last.fm - simplyemotion

Feel free to add me on any of those.

If you'd like to affiliate, send me a PM or drop me a comment somewhere on the comm.

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